Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[Boston Ticket Giveaway] BUILT TO SPILL at the Paradise this Thursday

I've gone on record as saying last month's Built To Spill show out on Cape Cod was my favorite of the year so far, and in the time since nothing has topped it (although last week's Superchunk/Versus gig and Sunday's Come reunion show came damn close). It was the perfect combination of setting, sound, setlist, and summertime mood. Something really special.

The Idaho quintet returns to Massachusetts later this week, this time to our capital city, for a pair of nights at the recently remodeled Paradise. Now, I'm not saying these shows will be your faves of the year, but the potential is most certainly there. Part of the reason I had such a ridiculously good time in Wellfleet? The kick-ass opening bands, one of whom was Boston's own Pretty & Nice - and they're tagged to open both Friday and Saturday's 'Dise shows. While the also-excellent Boise-based band Fauxbois won't be making it a total Beachcomber lineup flashback, and I don't know much about openers Revolt Revolt, you've gotta put your faith in BtS's choice of playmates.

Wanna go to Thursday night's show, for free and with a friend? Yeah, you do. So send an email to giveaways [at] bradleysalmanac [dot] com, simple subject line: "Built To Spill". One condition, though - If you win, you go. I'd hate these two list spots to go to waste, and I've had that happen a couple times lately with people who enter on a whim without being able to actually take advantage. A freebie faux pas, fer sure.

Get me your entry before 1pm on Thursday, and if I randomly draw your name, I'll let you know right away that you and a friend have surprise plans that night. Really great surprise plans.

Buy tickets to Thursday's show here, or Friday's right here. Prepare yourself by checking out the Built To Spill @ the Beachcomber write-up and live recording I shared up last month. The second half of "Kicked It In The Sun"? Mind-altering, I tell you.

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