Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Imaginary Post Beatles Beatles Albums: 1971

This is a game Beatles fans have been playing for many years. What would The Beatles albums of the ’70s have been like if they had stayed together instead of breaking up?

This post is for the first imaginary Beatles album released in January 1971. It features songs that were released on John, Paul, & George’s solo albums from 1970. Sorry to Ringo fans, but I plan on ignoring his solo work for this series - it’s just not something that interests me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ringo. Great guy. And I love his drumming, but his solo stuff doesn’t interest me one bit from what I’ve heard of it.

I realize this is a pretty silly exercise because in reality if The Beatles had stuck together they probably would have wrote different songs (at least to some extent) and even if the songs themselves were the same, they would have sounded different.

It’s mostly just to look at the quality of their solo material from a different perspective, just taking the cream off the top so to speak and putting it all together. These imaginary post Beatles Beatles albums could make for some pretty cool mix CDs, perhaps.

Imaginary Beatles Album From 1971

1. “What Is Life”
2. “Love”
3. “I Found Out”
4. “That Would Be Something”
5. “Every Night”
6. “Working Class Hero”
7. “Junk”
8. “Teddy Boy”
9. “Hold On”
10. “My Sweet Lord”
11. “Remember”
12. “Maybe I’m Amazed”
13. “All Things Must Pass”

This is no Abbey Road, but I think it would have been a pretty damn fine album. I left off some great songs (like “Mother” and “God” by Lennon) because I just couldn’t imagine them as Beatles songs and I only gave George three songs despite the huge amount he had on All Things Must Pass because I just can’t see John & Paul letting him have more. Of course, then it becomes obvious why they had to split up. They each had too much stuff to let out and they were tired of compromising with each other.

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